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Swipe to change filters

Just swipe to change Camu's amazing filters! Apply a filter before or after shooting, just as you like. Adjust the filter strength by sliding your finger up and down.

Shoot full scale videos

Set a live video-filter to get the right mood for your video

Amazing super focus

Use the super-focus to get the highest quality depth-of-field effect to your photos.

Awesome selfie tools

Camu's auto mode snaps a photo when there's no movement in the camera. When you are ready, just hold still and Camu automatically takes a photo.

Tell more with text

Add text on your photo with style. Adjust the text size, font and position with simple gestures.

Send photos privately to your closest friends

With just one tap you can send photos or videos privately to a friend on Camu or share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Download Camu

Available for the iPhone